The Enticer 2.0 Package

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The Enticer 2.0 Package comes included with 5 Metal Enticer Anchor Systems and 10 Turkey Faux Feathers.

Since its release, the Enticer System has been a game changer. It allowed trappers to deploy state of the art, highly realistic and effective visual attractors where ever they wanted. It didn’t matter if the terrain was forest, ledges, rocks, brush or even flat bare ground. The Enticer system was the solution to the age-old problem of getting and keeping a predator’s attention and attracting it to the set.   

Well, now we’ve done it again. We improved the Enticer system – made it smaller, lighter, more compact and easier to use – all the while improving the quality of the product and reducing the cost. Now the Enticer is a fraction of the weight and the bulk, at a fraction of the cost. Easier to carry and simpler to deploy – try the new Enticer 2.0 – you won’t be disappointed.

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