(8) The Enticer WesternMagic

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Comes with 8 feathers!

The pinnacle of visual attraction!

Researchers have known for decades that cats (and nearly every other predator) use image formation to detect prey. That is, they have in their mind an image of what their prey looks like, and as they search through their habitat, they are looking for patterns, shapes, or colors which match this pre-formed image of the prey. It's really no different than what you and I do when we go deer hunting, for example. Experienced deer hunters look for patches of white, subtle movements like the flick of an ear or the twitch of a tail, because we have in our mind, an image of what our prey looks like. Western bobcat trappers know that nothing is more enticing to a hungry cat than a chukar. So we’ve pulled out all the stops and printed a three dimensional image of an actual chukar on our standard 5 pound Tyvek. Like the Turkey and the Guinea, its waterproof, crush proof and it passes the Redneck Wind Test – but the realism is unsurpassed. The WesternMagic print is not just for the West . . . it mimics that same breast feather pattern of most every upland game bird. Try some today!!